Corporate Responsibility

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Corporate Responsibility | AFL
"Acting Responsibly for the benefit of everyone in order to create true value..."

At AFL, corporate Responsibility, ("CR") is central to how we conduct ourself in the facility managerial business field. We believe that we have a responsibility to those individuals and groups that we directly as well as indirectly affect; i.e., our stakeholders and the society at large. This responsibilty involves being adherent to ethical principles and conducting our activities and services in a more honest, transparent and respectful manner.

Concurrently, this means that we voluntarily accept and take responsibility for the actions that our organisation impacts onto our stakeholders and the society.


To AFL, being a responsible business means managing our operations with ETHICS and INTEGRITY and recognising that our responsibilities extend into our value-chain. Moreover, we understand that the most significant societal contribution we make is through the work we do everyday.


Our Approach

To effectively achieve our goals as an organisation, we strive to adhere to the following values:

  • Managing and governing our our organisation's activities with Ethics and Integrity
  • We focus on efficiency in the use of bio-degradable materials in our cleaning services - which in return adheres to our goal of mitigating the impact we place onto the environment.
  • Our staff, on the other hand strive to conduct themselves in a manner that not only creates diversity in the society but also leave a lasting impression to our stakeholders