About AFL

Adroit Facilities Limited
Facilitating your Business

Adroit Facilities Limited (AFL) is your preferred partner in running your facilities.

We ensure that you concentrate on your core business, by concentrating on our core business.

It is our business to ensure that your facilities are running in an EFFICIENT, SAFE and OPTIMAL manner in order to enhance your comfort and productivity.

We provide DEPENDABLE, HIGH QUALITY, & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY services that are tailor-made to our client’s needs.

By having one single point of contact for all your facility needs and, by the fact that we take the time to understand your needs, you can concentrate on your business while we concentrate to make your facilities in a top of the class, clean and safe condition.

AFL's Mission Statement

afl mission statement

Our mission is to provide the HIGHEST QUALITY of facility management services in East Africa and to the world at large, in a RESPONSIBLE and SUSTAINABLE way. Our focus is to consistently exceed all our partners’ expectations by providing reliable services with integrity and in a professional manner.

AFL's Vision

afl vision facilities statement

Our vision is to ensure our clients’ facility management needs are met and consistently exceeded through provision of professional services by our valued employees in an environmentally conscious manner.

AFL's Ethos & Values

afl values and ethos for growth

AFL has developed a culture based on strong vision and a set of values which are DEPENDABLE, EFFICIENT and puts PEOPLE ORIENTATED. Our team are passionate about creating new partnerships and excited about the prospects of adding new personnel to our client base.

Respect is one of our core values and this includes making EQUALITY central to our activities.

We are committed to ensuring that our practices are fair and accessible to you, our people and the diverse society we work in.

Adroit Facilities Limited - Facilitating your Business